Commercial Services

When it comes to commercial and mechanical jobs, no other plumbing supply house compares to our service and expertise. We have the ability to quickly and efficiently spec your job and provide you with spec sheets and submittals at a moment’s notice, even electronically, giving you the edge over the competition. We maintain very close relationships with all of our vendors, ensuring that you have information and support available to you when you need it the most. We work with such well known commercial manufacturers as Zurn, Watts Regulator & Drainage, Kohler Commercial Fixtures, Sioux Chief, Jones Stephens, Josam Drainage Products, Mifab Drainage Products, Conbraco & Apollo Valves, Honeywell Thermostats / Johnson Controls, Myers & Grundfos Pumps and many more.

With today’s high demand for energy efficient products, we offer a full line of water saving fixtures, including the new Sloan Waterfree Urinal and Sloan Solis Solar Powered Sensor Activated Faucet that is powered off of the ambient light emitted from any restroom lighting, requiring no pesky battery changes and no AC/DC power source. This allows many commercial businesses the ability to install sanitary, water conserving technology without the hassle of re-vamping their entire plumbing system, giving you the edge and keeping you up to date with today’s technology and market trends.

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Along with these products, we distinguish our service from the competition by making all commercial job submittals available electronically over the Internet by request, making your job proposal turn-around time quicker and easier. No waiting on bulky packets to arrive. No mailing or over-nighting specs to engineers for approval. Just a simple link to your submittal, a quick .PDF download, and you get your submittals approved first and secure those big projects. Ask us how.