Facilities Maintenance

From replacement plumbing parts, to cleaning supplies, Hajoca offers many of York County’s Facility Maintenance Departments the supplies they need to keep their facilities clean and operational. We have access to countless vendors who can offer your maintenance department chemicals, mops, brooms, cleansers, rakes, shovels, tools, air filters, thermostate protectors, and of course, replacement bathroom fixtures including towel dispensers, soap dispensers, XLerator hand dryers, mirrors, and ADA compliant grab bars
and accessories.

Ever thought about the quality of the water in your public facility? We offer a wide variety of Reverse Osmosis systems for every commercial application from Cuno Water Systems. This includes filters for water coolers, coffee bars, ice machines, and beverage stations.

Ever have the students at your school break the partitions in the restrooms? We offer replacement set-ups in Phenolic and Stainless Steel along with vandal-proof installation equipment to keep it from happening again.

Many tenants renting apartments within York are dissatisfied with the shape of their kitchens and bathrooms due to the age of most apartment complexes. Replace those old, out-dated products with new, water-conserving products; not only helping to protect the environment, but reducing your water consumption and saving your apartment complex money. Keep your units rented by offering the most updated apartments in York without breaking the bank by calling Hajoca.

A new revolution in commercial boiler maintenance has arrived with the introduction of American Plumber’s Inline Filter that filters sediment flowing through your heating system as small as 5 microns, making shut-downs less frequent and protecting the labrinth of equipment used to heat your facility.

The one thing most commonly overlooked in facility maintenance is the cost of utilities – from electricity and water, to most importantly, natural gas. Did you know that most hotels heat and store close to 1000 gallons of hot water, at 180 degrees, all day, for each floor? Most commercial water heaters have a firing rate between 200K and 500K BTU’s. Think about replacing those tank-type commercial water heaters with a Noritz N132M-NG Commercial Tankless Water Heater System. You’ll be amazed at the low comparative prices and blown away by the reduction in your facility’s monthly gas consumption.

As with all areas of our business, we strive to provide you with quick, cost-effective, and reliable products that will make your facililty run as smoothly as possible. Give us a call and see what we can do for you. We’ll stop by and show you what we have to offer, not to mention, free local delivery!